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Art by Psycho Andy.

Wendy Greenspring was a student at Leonardo High School along with Dariaan Nighthawk, Croc, Dane, John Vautour, Craig Aucoin, and Beth Tungland. During high school, Wendy dated Erik Thiessen.

Wendy is really into nature, and prefers using natural and organic products, as opposed to manufactured ones; however, she is not militant about this stance; For example, she prefers to eat free-range meat and non-bleached eggs, and shops at the weekly Leonardo Farmer's Market, but will also eat at McDonald's if that is where her day takes her. Ms. Greenspring is also a feminist, but she is also not militant about this stance; She does not wear makeup, but does shave her legs. She doesn't hate men and is not a lesbian, as is exemplified by her long-term relationship with Erik Thiessen. Wendy is a pacifist, but believes in defending one's self.

Unfortunately, despite her rather neutral stances on her morals and ideals, she is still often treated as the radical extremes of her various ideologies, because teenagers are idiots.

After high school, Wendy attended Leonardo University.