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Until he was resurrected by the dark wizard Ministry, The Great Quagmire was believed to be a local fairy tale character. "Make sure to brush your teeth, or else The Great Quagmire will get you!", mothers would tell their children. Little did those mothers realize...

Quagmire claims to be the spawn of the Devil. Though he wishes to destroy our world, Quagmire can only be brought to Earth through very specific specific gateways that are linked to the deepest depths of Hell.

Fortunately for him, the manufacturers of the Bark the Special Nappy Time Friend stuffed crocodile accidentally created one of these gateways, with the chemical combinations found in the Bark dolls. The Barks were discontinued immediately, after only 1000 had been produced and shipped out. The manufacturers were able to recall and destroy most of these, but a few still remain scattered around the globe - Including one owned by Croc!

Ministry, along with help from Bank Robert, Masklaw, Swallowtail, and the Ninja King, used this very gateway to open a portal to Hell, and bring The Great Quagmire back to our realm. This brought about the Great Battle of Quagmire, where he was seemingly defeated.

Later, thanks to the efforts of Bank Robert and the second Ninja King, Quagmire returned to Leonardo, now under the guise of Angelikos. He tricked Hawk and Croc into gaining their trust, only to lure them into a trap to bring them to their ultimate demise.

Unfortunately for Quagmire, the heroes had gained much strength since their last encounter, and were able to defeat him...although, not without a price. Croc sustained heavy injury during the day's battles, and was clinically dead for several minutes, before being resuscitated by doctors.

Where Quagmire will next appear is anybody's guess. But one thing is for sure: Evil his pure cannot be easily defeated, only temporarily delayed.