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Holding black belts in karate and Muay Thai, and a master of ninjitsu, since the age of 10 Masklaw has been obsessed with being known as the best fighter in existence.

When he was only four years old, Masklaw's parents enrolled him in his first karate class. Enjoying the excitement and action that karate brought, the young boy continued his martial arts studies, striving to be the absolute best there is at what he does. While other kids were playing with their Ninja Turtles, Masklaw was busy learning how to weild ninja weapons!

Recently, Masklaw was introduced to Ministry. The dark wizard offered Masklaw the opportunity to be the best fighter in the world, in exchange for the ninja's assistance in resurrecting The Great Quagmire. Blinded by his obsession, Masklaw agreed to this opportunity, possibly not fully realizing what may come from this dark alliance.


Psycho Andy created Masklaw when he was about 10 years old -- making him the oldest character in the Hawk & Croc Universe.

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