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Lil Hawk & Croc is an all-ages, out-of-continuity version of Hawk & Croc, that debuted on 01 September 2011, written and drawn by Psycho Andy, with creative input from Brandon A. Mayo. The series ended after 25 comics, in early 2012.

The series follows the adventures of Hawk and Croc and their friends as children, along the lines of Muppet Babies or A Pup Named Scooby-Doo. The children all attend Leonardo Elementary School, where they are taught by Mr. Johnson.

Characters scheduled to appear:

Lil Hawk

Lil Croc

Lil Jacky

Lil Camilla

Lil Biff

Lil Ems

Lil Dane

Lil Beth

Lil John

Lil Craig

Lil Mr. Johnson

Lil Ms. Cox

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