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Jackson Andrew Nightblade is the only child of Jacqueline and Andrew Nightblade. Jacqueline desparately wanted a baby girl. Andrew agreed that they could name their son "Jackson," and call him "Jacky" for short, to appease his wife. Unfortunately, Mrs. Nightblade went a bit too far in her want for a girl, and encouraged young Jacky to pursue his naturally beautiful, curly hair. Also unfortunately for Jacky, his genetics betrayed him and gave him wonderfully long eyelashes.

High School

Jacky attended North Leonardo High School. He was pretty self-involved, and too busy on convincing people that he was neither a girl nor gay, despite his gorgeous hair. As soon as he could grow facial hair, he did, and refused to ever shave it all off. He was in the school's Karate club.


After graduating from Leonardo Community College with a general education Associate's degree, Jacky went to work at Big Choice Video, not really sure what he wanted to do with his life. He enrolled in a kickboxing class, where he met Dariaan Nighthawk. The two had a lot in common, and became quick friends.

Jacky obtained unexplained superpowers by unexplained means, and assisted Hawk and Croc defeat the Ninja King. Jacky's good looks landed him a brief position as a clothing model, but he was fired on his first day for having too much imagination and pretending a camera was a laser gun. While working at Big Choice Video, Jacky was attacked by Masklaw, who mistook him for Hawk. Jacky was barely able to defeat the masked assassin, but managed to escape with his life. Shortly after, Jacky felt a pain in his head, and knocked out Boss.

His mind had been attacked by the influence of The Great Quagmire, who turned Jacky into his slave, and the leader of his forces, the Cult of the Quagmire. After Masklaw, Bank Robert, Ninja King, and Swallowtail were defeated, Quagmire's influence brought Jacky's mild jealousy of Hawk's relationships with Croc and Beth to the forefront. Hawk and Jacky combated in a fierce battle, which ended with Hawk impaling Jacky with Fire Raven's sword.

After the fall of Quagmire, Hawk, Croc, Fire Raven, and Diamond Ace joined hands, and their combined power of love and friendship brought Jacky back to life. Thanks to the drop item left by Quagmire, the quintet of heroes were able to buy a house together.

Seeing his friends in relationships made Jacky want to find a girlfriend of his own. He turned to online dating, where he met Ems. The two hit it off, and became very close very quickly. When Robodile sent the call for all of Leonardo's heroes to take on the L33T P1R4T35, Jacky and Ems arrived together, as Turbo Nightblade and Code Redd, seemingly both aware of each others' identities.

After the battle with the P1R4T35, Jacky and Ems moved in together. He still keeps in touch with Hawk.

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