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The Hawk & Croc Classic logo.

HAWK & CROC CLASSIC is the original Hawk & Croc series. It began on March 01, 2003 and went on hiatus on September 01, 2004 to make way for School Daze. Hawk & Croc Classic returned on 02 January 2006, and ran until 01 March 2008.

In 2011, Hawk & Croc was renamed Hawk & Croc Classic to prevent confusion between the original H&C series and the entire H&C Universe.


Despite being the first H&C series produced, H&C Classic is not the first story in the characters' chronology. Hawk & Croc Classic is preceded by School Daze and followed by Hawk & Raven.

Bank Robert Goes To Hell takes place after The Battle of Quagmire, during the events of the second year of H&C Classic. Series

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