The Great Battle of Quagmire occurred between Hawk & Croc Classic strips [1] and [2]. It saw the dark wizard Ministry and the Cult of the Quagmire use Bark to return The Great Quagmire to Earth. Upon Quagmire's return, the Cult defeated Komodo Grey, Damien Sword, and Terrance Beauregard in rapid succession, before being met by The Dark Raptor, X-Croc, Fire Raven, and Diamond Ace.

It was revealed that Quagmire had chosen Nightblade to lead the Cult, much to the shock of his heroic friends. After a grueling battle, the Ninja King was dead, Swallowtail, Bank Robert, and Masklaw were KO'ed, Ministry had his hand sliced off and went missing, and Quagmire had apparently exploded. The four heroes had saved the day, and prayed for their friend to be returned to life. Instantly, Jacky awoke, seemingly returned to life.

All seemed to be okay, until the Big Broadcast of 2007.

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