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Gila Consuelos is the paranoid neighbor of Hawk and Croc. He thinks the world is out to get him, one spat-upon pizza at at time.

Several years ago, Gila and Camilla drunkenly hooked up at a random frat party. Gila has described this moment as the event that ruined his life.

During a game of rock-paper-scissors, Gila cut off Hawk's left hand. After a party, Gila kidnapped Bark, but then returned him to Croc. After some unsavory words to Hawk, Gila got punched so hard, he thought Hawk broke every bone in his body, and went the hospital, under the care of Dr. Baghead and Nurse Betty.

Later, Gila was given super powers, thanks to the dark wizard Ministry. With his mystical katana, Gila could transform into Swallowtail, with the ability to create butterfly-shaped beams of mystical energy. He joined the Cult of the Quagmire, in an attempt to help The Great Quagmire destroy the world. However, during a short moment of clarity, Gila realized that what he was doing was destructive, and sought to redeem himself. He cut off Ministry's hand, and went to destroy him with the Sulphur Storm attack, before being sucker punched by Jacky Nightblade.

After that, Gila was only ever seen as a pesky neighbor. Whether or not he retained the Swallowtail abilities has yet to be seen.