Big Choice Video Rentals and Sales is the video store owned by Boss, which once employed Dariaan Nighthawk and Jacky Nightblade. It is located near Hungry Wolf Pizza, where Terrance Beauregard and Croc worked.

Big Choice often does not have full sets of anime series, much to the chagrin of its teenage female customers. Once, Masklaw attacked Jacky at the store, while Boss was in the back room, doing paperwork. A shelf of videos was knocked over, and the window was shattered.

The economic recession of 2008 brought a boom in rentals from Big Choice, as the residents of Leonardo decided that renting DVDs was far more cost-effective than purchasing. Big Choice currently has the largest selection of BluRay movies in Leonardo. It also still rents LaserDisc and HD DVD movies, despite both formats being completely dead. The VHS selection has been narrowed down to mostly childrens' movies and select classics.

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