Bank Robert is a wealthy criminal. Robert robs money from banks, and is very successful at doing so. He does not use conventional weaponry in his heists. Instead, he uses common, ordinary bricks that are untraceable, with potentially dozens of other peoples' fingerprints on them.

"Robert" (which may or may not be his real name) was a normal guy who lost his construction job due to company layoffs. After a series of failed get-rich-quick schemes, he had nothing left, and was about to lose his house. With no wife or children, Robert realized he was all alone, and decided that robbing a bank would be his best bet. Either he would get arrested and be fed with a roof over his head in prison, or he would be successful and have a near-endless supply of untraceable cash. Robert was successful in his first attempt at robbing a bank, and gained such a thrill from the experience that he wanted to do it again. Soon, he became Leonardo's most notorious bank theif.

Bank Robert is the arch-nemesis of Fire Raven. In their first encounter, he smashed her face with a brick, causing severe bruising to her jaw. In Hawk and Croc's first mission, they each failed to successfully defeat Bank Robert, as well, leading to their being trained by Fire Raven.

Ministry recruited Bank Robert to become a part of the Cult of the Quagmire, along with Masklaw, Ninja King, and Swallowtail. As it turns out, Robert is very good at card games, so the rest of the team would often send him out for drinks - Which, of course, he would steal - So the rest of them would even have a chance to win. During this time, Bank Robert and Ninja King found that they had quite a bit in common and became friends.

After the first Ninja King was killed, Bank Robert became friends with the second Ninja King, and they traveled to Hell to try and resurrect Quagmire.

Bank Robert was last seen being defeated at the hands of Hawk, Croc, as they defeated the Cult of the Quagmire for the second time.

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