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Alli Virginia Grey is the daughter of Komodo Grey and his wife Amanda. She is also the girlfriend of Croc and best friends with Beth Tungland.


Komodo Grey raised his daughter to one day take over his martial arts school, the Grey Area Martial Arts Dojo. He did not relent on the young girl, believing his daughter needed to be as strong as he was.

High School[]

Alli went to North Leonardo High School. She gained considerable notoriety for knocking out the quarterback of the school's football team, in order to protect another girl from being harassed. For injuring the number one player on the football team, she was temporarily suspended from school. When she came back, she was regarded as a hero among the other girls, but feared by the boys. Despite her generally pleasant disposition, she had few friends during this period.

She briefly met Jacky Nightblade through what mutual friends they did have. Alli probably didn't remember Jacky existed after graduating high school.


Alli met Croc when he delivered a pizza to her house... and immediately kayoed him, upon his proclaiming she was the girl of his dreams. Despite this odd interaction, the two became friends and eventually started dating.

Through Croc, Alli met Hawk's girlfriend, Beth, who took an immediate liking to Alli. The two quickly became very close, and Alli agreed to move out of her father's house and into the extra room in Beth's apartment.

Soon after moving in, however, Alli accidentally discovered that Beth was also the super heroine, Fire Raven. When she discovered the truth about her friend, Alli decided to confront Beth about it. Beth admitted the truth, and offered to train Alli to be a superheroine, too! Alli agreed, and became Diamond Ace!

As Diamond Ace, Alli assisted Hawk, Croc, and Beth in defeating The Great Quagmire and his Cult. She then moved in with her friends, where she had to share a bedroom with Croc. Alli and Croc became closer during this time, however, and Alli fell for the lovable dummy.

When the L33T P1R4T35 attacked Leonardo, Diamond Ace was amongst the heroes who managed to save the day.

Alli's father decided to move the Grey Area Martial Arts Dojo to Florida, and Alli agreed to go with him, as the dojo was to be hers, one day. Croc agreed to go with his girlfriend, and that dedication led to the couple's first time making love.

The timing of Alli leaving worked well, as Beth and Hawk had just gotten engaged, and intended to move to Justice City, to clean up the crime and corruption found there. Alli was last seen snoring loudly on an airplane.