Alex George Pickering is an award-winning screenplay writer, responsible for the films Efrain and Impulse Control. Alex is the co-creator and writer of Hawk & Kid.

Alex is also Psycho Andy's cousin. Along with Alex's brother and Andy's brother, the four created the characters Dariaan Nighthawk, Kid America, Tiny Avenger and Black Scorpion when they were children, having two-on-two wars with their various Nerf weaponry. Though both teams were heroes, they were convinced through misunderstandings that the other team had turned evil, and would do battle.

After Hawk & Croc Classic ended, Alex approached Andy about bringing those stories to life in the form of a new webcomic.

Hawk & Kid's erratic update schedule is partially due to Alex's filmmaking career taking up the majority of his time. But just as Andy is fulfilling a childhood dream by creating comics, Alex is doing the same by creating movies.

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